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Our Luxury House The Keys to Success

The keys to success

The Luxury Travel Collection provides a perfectly curated and comprehensive house, specifically engineered for the requirements of luxury brands that want to exceed the expectations of discerning clients. 

Every one of our carefully curated services, bespoke partnerships, technology solutions and luxury events is like a key, designed to unlock and support our Member brands to deliver the very best client experience, every time.

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The Luxury Product Collection

Our hand-selected Luxury Product Collection is a global network of high-end properties and travel experiences.

The Collection includes the finest hotels, incredible resorts, immersive tours, memorable experiences, the best air products, luxurious cruise lines and so much more. We ensure our Collection provides outstanding quality, service and enriching travel experiences for discerning clients.

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Luxury Memberships

To ensure that clients receive the most exceptional and personalised service, along with valuable amenities when they travel, we provide unrivalled access to industry, hotel, land and cruise Memberships that elevate the service provided by our luxury Members to an even greater level of distinction.

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Luxury Invitations

As a Member of the Luxury Travel Collection, our access to highly-sought after industry invitations, brand experiences and a range of incredible activities is extended to your business.

Through our luxury invitation portal, we will provide our Members with access to those ‘must have’ special event invitations and the luxury experiences, bespoke briefings and expert insights teams can use to provide those all-important personal insights to the luxury traveller.

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Exclusive Events & Partnerships

Our client event portfolio is unrivalled. Each year, the Luxury Travel Collection hosts a number of stunning events inviting new clients to interact with our brands. We also host famous industry events to foster strong relationships with preferred partners and increase the deep product knowledge of our expert advisors. Our events are designed for all Member brands and are a strong source of new client portfolio growth.

In addition, we build Partnerships with other luxury brands to connect with new client groups and to build awareness of our portfolio and to showcase our elevated service.

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Bespoke Marketing Services

Luxury travellers value inspirational content that keeps them ahead of the curve with news, travel recommendations and insights, and all that is new and trending in the global luxury travel market. With our bespoke Marketing Services, our Members have access to the tools to keep clients engaged and intrigued by lush travel recommendations.

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The Luxury University

Our Members understand the importance of staying up to date with new developments in the travel industry as well as external inspiration to drive fresh ideas and new ways of connecting with clients to elevate their experience. Our Luxury University will provide a curated platform of development opportunities for even the most experienced luxury advisors.

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Industry-Leading Business Support

Our investment in technology solutions specific to the luxury market enables our Members to access an evolving suite of the right business solutions and our expert support team enables them to deliver an elevated customer experience for the luxury traveller.

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Compelling Commercials

We provide compelling commercials across the most-comprehensive luxury product collection globally, ensuring our Members are in the best possible position for business growth in the luxury travel market. We are also able to provide outstanding terms on premium and contemporary product when required.


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